How to Watch For and Avoid Low Clearance Bridges and Overpasses

It is critical for drivers to maintain awareness at all times of approaching bridges or overpasses. One bridge taken for granted can cause major damage to equipment, freight and possibly a driver’s health.  Even though a sign states low bridge or low clearance and the height, it may not always be correct. It is important to always make cautious decisions as a driver. When dealing with bridges and overpasses, following these tips will prevent damage to the bridge, your truck, your driving record and will help keep you safe. Continue reading “How to Watch For and Avoid Low Clearance Bridges and Overpasses”

How to Protect Your Truck and Yourself from Severe Winter Conditions

Winter comes with all different sorts of weather. For example, sleet, freezing rain, snow, hail, white out conditions, and frigid temperatures to name a few. It is important to keep yourself and your vehicle safe during this winter season. Safety is the number one concern when driving. Here are some tips to keep your truck and yourself safe. Continue reading “How to Protect Your Truck and Yourself from Severe Winter Conditions”

Resisting Road Rage

If you spend a significant amount of time on the road there’s a chance you have experienced or witnessed road rage. We’ve all been there whether we want to admit it or not. Someone cuts you off, they’re tailgating you, honking at you… it happens. According to the Department of Transportation, “An act of road rage, as it is typically defined, is committed with the intent of causing physical harm to another road user, whereas an act of aggressive driving is committed with disregard for safety but not necessarily with intent to cause physical harm.” Continue reading “Resisting Road Rage”

Safe Driving Tips for Black Friday!

A cold Friday November morning, where people all stuffed from Thanksgiving the night before and have heavily caffeinated, anxiously waiting for those doors to open. It’s hard not to pass up on these deals since they only happen once a year. However, with over 70 million or more people out shopping today, the stores aren’t the only places that appear to get congested. The roads and parking lots do too. Continue reading “Safe Driving Tips for Black Friday!”