Foods and Drinks to Avoid When on the Road

Some individuals don’t realize what they are inserting in their mouth when they’re driving. Hey, that bag of chips was full two minutes ago? Where did it all go? Or when you finish your drink, not realizing that it’s finished and you go to take another sip of it. Eating and drinking while driving is distracted driving. If both hands are not on the wheel and you are not focused and can place not only yourself but other drivers and passengers surrounding  you at risk. Please take safety precautions if you plan on eating or drinking while operating a vehicle. Consider taking a break from driving and grab something to eat and drink or even pull in to a rest stop. Please be safe while driving!

Here is a list of the foods and drinks you shouldn’t eat and drink when traveling long distances.


  • Alcohol: Driving while under the influence is illegal in all states (BAC levels vary from state to state). Alcohol affects your ability to drive and respond to road and traffic conditions. If convicted you can have your license revocted.
  • Coffee: Hot coffee can potentially spill on your hand or lap and cause you to burn yourself and that can lead to an accident. Do you experience that awful crash from coffee, which just results in just wanting more and more coffee and potentially becoming addicted to this drink!
  • Drinks in cans or Bottles: These can be difficult to open with both hands and should not be done when operating a vehicle.
  • Energy or Sugary Drinks: Excess sugar can be harmful to your health. For example, increased belly fat accumulation, excess sugar can turn into fat in the liver, sugary drinks can cause insulin resistance and even Type 2 Diabetes, they are addictive,  they place you at risk for heart disease and cancer, the contents in sugary drinks can affect your dental health, dementia can occur, plus there are no nutrients in sugary drinks!


  • Chili: Eating from a bowl with a spoon causes you to become distracted and take your hand and eyes off the wheel.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate can melt if not refrigerated and can potentially get all over the steering wheel and hands.
  • Fried Chicken: Grease from the fried chicken can transfer over to the steering wheel.
  • Hamburgers: Any type of sandwich can cause a mess in the vehicle . This can take your eyes off the road if your hamburger or sandwich falls apart.
  • Pastries: Some pastries have a filling. These fillings typically don’t stay in the pastry and can get everywhere, your hands, wheel, and seat. This can take your focus off the road because you’re too busy being distracted from the mess.
  • Soup: Like chili or coffee, eating soup with a spoon while driving requires both hands, can potentially spill all over you, and cause an accident to occur.
  • Tacos & Burritos: Although they are delicious they are not ideal to eat while driving because they can fall apart easily and distract you from driving.

What food and beverages do you like to have while on the road? Let us know in the comments below!

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