Safe Driving Tips for Black Friday!

A cold Friday November morning, where people all stuffed from Thanksgiving the night before and have heavily caffeinated, anxiously waiting for those doors to open. It’s hard not to pass up on these deals since they only happen once a year. However, with over 70 million or more people out shopping today, the stores aren’t the only places that appear to get congested. The roads and parking lots do too.

According to data from Progressive Insurance, car accidents increase to 34% on Black Friday! Be sure to be cautious around truck drivers. They are working hard to bring items to businesses that are then brought to you. With that being said, here are some tips to follow when on the road today!

Slow Down:

You may think that it’s worth speeding to arrive to your destination, but you are only putting yourself and other drivers around you at risk for a car accident. Be sure to take your time when on the road in order to reach your destination safely.

Check Your Blind Spots:

Be sure to check all of your blind spots when switching lanes. Make sure there are no cars in that lane or that no one is switching into that lane. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Avoid Distractions:

Data shows that majority of Black Friday car accidents take place in parking lots. Please be sure to look out for other drivers when pulling in to the parking lot. Also please refrain from using your cell phone while driving. Distracted driving is the leading cause of motor related accidents in America.

Get a Good Night Sleep:

Some Black Friday shopping deals take place around midnight and the early morning hours. It is crucial that you are well rested so you are alert at the wheel. Feeling drowsy while driving is similar to drunk driving. Not only does it impair for awareness and reaction time, but it also impairs your judgment at the wheel.

So remember to slow down, don’t use your cellphone when driving, and be sure to get a good nights sleep in order to get through not only Black Friday, but this crazy holiday season.

Thanks for reading!

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